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Custom Concierge Regenerative Medicine Service

Reparative & Cellular Therapy to align you with your active lifestyle and athletic goals

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Who We Are

Stem Cell Athlete is a medical concierge service that organizes best in class Regenerative Medical therapies and stem cell therapy treatment plans with the most cutting edge, safest, FDA Compliant Medical Doctors.   Our service is targeted towards athletes and people who enjoy playing sports, or simply have a youthful, high powered, active lifestyle.  Treatment plan options, as prescribed by our medical partners at our Centers of Excellence allow much increased longevity to our patients’ active years. The personalized treatment plans allow our clients to have the best reparative and cellular therapy options available in the United States without the risk of traveling to possibly unsafe, highly experimental off-shore clinics.​

Our mission is to provide our clients with a complete expert medically guided end-to-end program!

You can readily access robust Regenerative Medicine treatments that are not only affordable, but are also the safest and most efficacious solutions available in the United States or elsewhere. These therapies are safely, expertly administered by the  top, most highly skilled licensed medical professionals at STEM CELL ATHLETE Centers of Excellence.

Why choose Stem Cell Athlete?

Regenerative medical Science

Enhancement of the quality of life

Regenerative Medicine is the exciting and ever dynamic branch of medicine with the purpose of replacing, repairing, renewing or engineering human cells, tissues, organs or their building blocks, utilizing the body’s innate cellular pathways for the purposes of restoring function and homeostasis in the body.  Regenerative cellular biomedical therapies are powerful adjuncts to the natural healing mechanisms of the human body to reduce, relieve, or manage painful injuries and certain chronic conditions, as well as age-related degeneration and effectively serve to improve function. These treatments are perfect therapies for athletic and Sports Injuries which tend to worsen with time and the aging process.

The goal of both Regenerative and Anti-Aging Medicine is to optimize both longevity and to enhance the quality of life.  It is based on the premise that aging, in the traditional sense, as well as tissue degeneration from insult or injury and accompanying pain and inflammation, is a condition or state of “dis-ease” rather than a natural progression of human longevity and optimal performance potential.

The Process

Retain Stem Cell Athlete as your personal advisor and private referral management service.
We pride ourselves in our availability to our clients.

The goal of Stem Cell Athlete is to build client relationships that last a lifetime. We aim to be our client’s first call when an innovative medical intervention is needed that can alter the course of recovery. 



Complete an intake survey to learn more about your injury so we may craft the most expert resolution proposal. 



After we review your survey, our team will reach out to you and schedule a 10-15 minute phone call to share more information and collaborate about how we can help you reach your goals. 


review your options

Once you retain Stem Cell Athlete, we will give you a 15 to 30 minute presentation about the various options you have and present the scientific rationale and/or validity behind each option.  We will review the options with you, including IRB approved studies that may be available for you to join.  


Match with a doctor in your area

We will then select the path forward and schedule a convenient time for your treatment. Medical Providers and these therapies are available nationwide.

Start The Process Now!

We will be there for you every step of the way!

You may need a treatment for Tennis or Golfers Elbow now, and a treatment for a Shoulder or Knee Osteoarthritis in five years, an anti-aging or Cosmetic treatment in five-ten years and even possibly a Car-T cancer treatment in twenty-five years.  Stem Cell Athlete will be available every step of the way.  As the Regenerative Medicine field evolves and more and more injury, chronic and health indications are treatable with FDA allowed stem cell therapies, we are committed to continue to offer the most cutting-edge options and grow our network of physicians to expertly manage regenerative medicine treatments throughout your lifetime so you age youthfully and gracefully.

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Benefits of choosing Stem Cell Athlete

Regenerative Medicine and Cellular and Tissue Products
that are Safe, FDA Compliant, & Affordable


Vetted Medical Offices and Practitioners

Entrusting your Regenerative Medical provider selection process to Stem Cell Athlete will ensure that you receive the highest quality and safest reparative, cellular, and tissue products available on the market in the United States under strict FDA guidelines.  It is important that the regenerative procedure be administered by an expert licensed professional who has been vetted by our team leaders.  Our two leaders have collectively worked in the Sports Injury and Regenerative Medicine field for  60 years. We have built a large network of high-quality medical professionals who routinely provide Regenerative Medical procedures to their patients.  Stem Cell Athlete personally vets and has experience with each of the medical offices we choose as Centers of Excellence for our clients.


Vetted Manufacturers

Regardless of your ultimate informed choice of type of reparative graft option, the quality of the biomolecular and cellular preparation can vary widely.  Your expert medical provider referral in the Stem Cell Athlete Center of Excellence network will assure that only the purest and best quality technologies are utilized in your treatment plan.  Stem Cell Athlete exclusively partners with expert medical providers who utilize only technologies that have been exhaustively studied and manufacturers that Stem Cell Athlete qualifies as FDA compliant at the highest R&D and manufacturing standards.    


Affordable and Market Value

We will make sure that you get a fair market price for your regenerative treatment. Unfortunately, the Regenerative Medicine space is overflowing with quacks and scammers who are out to make a quick buck at your expense.  Stem Cell Athlete knows the cost that goes into the preparation of each biomolecular graft option available and we will protect you from price gouging.


Sports Related Injuries & Youthful aging

Stem Cells are not magic.  Regenerative Medicine cannot cure every disease.  Sometimes the best option for your injury is indeed surgery and Regenerative Medicine treatments may or may not be an appropriate or efficacious choice as an adjunct to surgery.  Regenerative Medicine is however known to play a huge role in sports medicine and the resolution of sports-related and other injuries.  Our goal is to help our clients recover from sports and other injuries and the effect they have on aging.  We will give you honest feedback and guidance to the top medical experts regarding the best course of safe, effective Regenerative Medicine treatment.